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Sunday Services

Our Sunday services begin at 10:30am. Children religious education classes are available during the services, and child care is available for nursery and preschoolers. Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible. See the "Newcomers" link for additional information.

Sunday Services for the Month of February, 2018

Jan. 28: "UU Theologian; JLA"
     James Luther Adams has been heralded as the quintessential Unitarian Univeralist Theologian of the 20th century. He spent time in germany in the 1930's and is known for his definition of "Faith" not about what one believes but rather about one’s commitments. How we live our faith defines us.

Feb. 4: "Our "Touchstones""
     Each month a small group of IF UU’s meet to consider the writings of others and their own thoughts regarding a theologiacal theme. The publication they use is called "Touchstones." Maybe you are like me; I live surrounded by real life touchstones, objects that call to me and speak to my values.

Feb. 11: "Loving Our Universalism"
     Mostly people understand our "Unitarian" roots; the connection with the "Age of Reason" and the 18th century thinkers like Jefferson and others. But our "Universalist" ancestors provide a grounding in love tht defines us too and may just be more essential to creating beloved community.

Feb. 18: "Evolution Sunday! Earth Unfolding"
      "As Unitarian Univesalists we say that we honor both reason and reverence. This month we celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin and wonder what we might take away from our own religious acceptance that we are all part of the Earth "unfolding."

Feb. 25: "Religion and the President"
     Thus far it has been necessary for those who seek to be elected as President of this nation that they express a faith in God. Let’s examine the role that "religion" has played in the life and work of our American presidents and ask how that may have helped to define our nation.

March 4: "Sing Out"
      What happens when we sing? This morning we are going to devote some time to learning about the physical and emotional benefits that we can gain simply by "singing."