Unitarian Universalist Church
  in Idaho Falls
A welcoming religious home celebrating the inherent worth of every person
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A Sampling of Sunday Services with Rev. Lyn Stangland Cameron

Psalms, Promise, and Passover

Gifts of the Irish

Awakening With Punxsutawney Phil

Mystery, Mystery, Life is A Riddle and A Mystery

Love Reaches Out . . . Then What?

Pride or Prejudice

The Gifts of Grace

The Nature of Belonging

“Making Peace with Our Imperfections”

Climbing the Mountain

Earth Day: A Theology of Dirty Hands

“Learning from John Adams, a Man of Reason, Politics and Religion“

“Our Deepest Longing”

“Celebrating UU Saints?”

“Much Ado about Masks”

“Yet a Different Look at Jesus”

Julia Ward Howe; From A Battle Hymn to A Day for Peace

“Toxic Isolation”

Easter “The Trick is Rising Again”

Hosea Ballou: The Audacity of Universalism

“Teach a Man to Fish!”

“My God is Better than Your God”

MKL: The Evolution of Leadership

How Do Atheists and Humanists Celebrate?

Valuing Veterans When They Need Us!

When in Doubt Pray; When in Prayer Doubt

Simple Solitude: Finding Peace in Small Wild Places

Gems from General Assembly

A Sampling of Sunday Services with Rev. Jeffrey P. Lambkin and Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Selle Jones

Prayer as a Means of Coping with Crisis

Memorial Day Reflection

The Church Courageous


The Incredible Power of Forgiveness

A Reflection in the Mirror

Sunday Services
with Member and Guest Speakers

Connecting Us with Unitarian and Universalist History
by Arthur Kull

Theology and Biology
by Tami Thatcher

Everything is Holy Now
by Tami Thatcher

An Atheist in Idaho Falls
by Dan Henry

Spirit, Spiritual, Spirituality: Fuzzy Words or Deep Human Need?
by Arthur Kull

Message on Virtues
by Arthur Kull

Religious Imagination*
by Arthur Kull

Theological Musings: Our Search for Truth
by Arthur Kull

The Evolution of Consciousness, An Inside Story
by Richard Wilde

Evolutionary Spirituality
by Anne Timpany

What Do I Believe?
by Richard Wilde

Reflections on Right Speech
by Tami Thatcher

Understanding the Bible - Understanding Our World
Presented by Rev. Lyn Stangland Cameron, Ruth Barnes, Tiffiny Tailor, and Tami Thatcher

A Prayer for Community
Written and Presented by Barry Leech

The Transformational History and Theology of Unitarian Universalism Introduction
by Arthur Kull

Poetry Service Selections

“The Silence of the Rocks”
by Richard Wilde
Used by permission. All rights reserved.
“Poor devil” Poetry by Ric Masten.
Click here for ric-masten.net
Presented by Steven Watts
“In His Name”
by Jeff Leuschen
Used by permission. All rights reserved.
“Banking Idaho Falls Style”
by Jeff Leuschen
Used by permission. All rights reserved.
“Sunna's Ride”
by Jeff Leuschen
Used by permission. All rights reserved.
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