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Sunday Services

Our Sunday services begin at 10:30am. Children religious education classes are available during the services, and child care is available for nursery and preschoolers. Our sanctuary is wheelchair accessible. See the "Newcomers" link for additional information.

Sunday Services for the Month of February, 2016

February 7: "When Is History Idolatry?” As we approach Presidents’ Day, maybe we need to ask why we so often appear to worship our Founding Fathers. Maybe it is time for us to ask if their legacy matches what we believe the roles and responsibilities of religion, government and citizenship should be in the world today.

February 14: A service with Worship Associates Lynn Hagler and Tami Thatcher plus our Second Sunday Shared Meal.

February 21: "Why 'Black Lives Matter' Matters in UU Communities" By now most of us have considered and discussed what is at stake in displaying “Black Lives Matter” banners, so let’s go back to explore why this matters for mostly white congregation in this mostly white and mostly conservative state.

February 28: "Our Roots are Showing" This morning we ask if perhaps the roots of our UU theological revolution might lie in the fact that so many Unitarians and Universalists were among the first to accept the science and reason of “evolution.”

March 6: "The Name of Our Game" No one understands better than we UU’s just how often “semantics” makes a difference. Are we a “religious” community or fellowship or church? Or do we even count as religious? What does it mean if Unitarian Universalism is a really long name and no one wants to be labeled as religious, a feminist or a liberal?

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