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Executive Board

The executive board for the Unitarian Universalist Church in Idaho Falls (UUCIF) works largely behind the scenes to do everything from hiring our minister, to making sure that bills get paid, and making sure our building is maintained. The board works with our minister and our members to address every concern from membership to fund raising. The board members are elected and are non-paid volunteers who work very hard to keep our church functioning. The board works within the framework of the bylaws written and approved by our members. See bylaws here.

Members of the UUCIF Executive Board

  • President: Arthur Kull
  • Vice President: Katharine Giovanna
  • Treasurer: Daniel Schwen
  • Secretary: Molly Brinkerhoff
  • Member-at-large: Lorenzo Vega
  • Member-at-large: Steve Wike
  • Member-at-large: Laura Warner

The board oversees various committees described below.

The Committee on Ministry

In her book, “Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations” the Rev. Anne Heller writes: “Committees on Ministry are designed to track the heartbeat of ministry within a congregation; how the members . . . take care of themselves and each other, how the lay ministerial leadership serves a congregation; and how the called minister serves the congregation. It seeks to understand, assess, support, and advocate for robust ministry throughout the context of congregational life.”

Membership Committee

The membership committee includes our Sunday morning greeters, and this committee helps new comers get to know our church.

Worship Team

The Worship team creates and coordinates Sunday services not led by our ministers. The team creates or selects the sermon as well as other aspects of the service such as the opening and closing words, and the selection of hymns and other music. The team also selects and invites guest speakers.

Religious Education (RE) Committee

The RE committee selects or develops youth religious education programs and teaches our youth on Sunday. See the Youth Programs link on this website.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

This busy committee works to maintain the building, parking lot, and landscaping at our E street location. Tasks include weeding, raking, repairing, and interfacing with professional contracted support when needed.

Nominating Committee

This committee consists of the President-Elect, plus at least two other elected members. They help to select candidates for election or appointment to various board and committee church positions, as described in the bylaws for the UUCIF.

Other ad hoc committees

Various ad hoc committees (or individual designees) also cover activities including social functions, fund raising, holding forums, publishing the newsletter, advertising, media relations, historian, and website updating.

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